TAKLER - "I've always asked for nineteen cards ..."

The second half of the 20th century did not spare Hungarian peasantry.

But despite total looting, disarming and humiliation, the strongest core of the peasant community,

In the case of Ferenc Takler, the desire to restart was stronger than ever, so that at the right moment, seizing the opportunity for change, the creative power of the Hungarian farmer would spring back on. In spite of his many difficult beginnings, the head of the family, relying on his own talents and dedication, gave himself with sincere faith and determination to the opportunity of a change of regime, to become independent.

In this book, I introduce the story and way of life of the Szekszárd winemakers with the help of the classic interview and dialogue, with the conviction that the actions of the three Taklers will serve as a compass for their offspring and others. The stories of their friends - be they first-rate winemakers in our country or outstanding creators of other fields - reveal, albeit invisibly, a common destiny to a nation. Thus, their friendship with the Takler is neither accidental work nor an excellent producer in itself for the renaissance of Hungarian wine.

Hedvig Tallián, author and editor of the book